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Naga Babu on Suicidal Tendencies & Political Plans

Mega Brother Naga Babu cleared doubts among fans regarding how he came out of financial crisis and political plans.

Suicidal Tendencies after 'Orange' flop: "My financial position took a drastic turn overnight. Its no because of 'Orange' flop but few people (production team) backstabbed me. Within 24 Hours, I came to know my financial crisis is beyond the amount I could manage. Even if I sell all my properties, I couldn't even clear my 10% debts. I never took money from Annayya and Kalyan Babu. Today I feel, Whoever attempts suicide are sensitive and good people. For the first time, I identified myself with them. In that situation, Both Annayya and Kalyan Babu supported me financially. From 2011 March, I became debt free and decided not to attempt films for 7-8 years. When we are in crisis, We need to take some time instead of taking hasty decisions in a hurry".

Political Plans: "Post Praja Rajyam Party, I got aversion towards Politics. No matter how hard we try, Nothing will workout unless there is a change in common man. People themselves have to change to see a Good Government. Hence, I am staying away from Politics at the moment and concentrating on films & TV Shows".

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