You are at Priyadarshan to make a film on Aids

Priyadarshan to make a film on Aids


Priyadarshan is back after a long break and he choose to make a comeback with a social awareness film on AIDS.In fact, Aamir Khan was supposed to star in the movie. When Priyadarshan first narrated to him, Aamir liked the concept and asked him to come back with bound script. As the filmmaker took too many years to finish the script, He is now planning it as a Tamil film.Prakash Raj and Shreya Reddy who earlier acted in Priyadarshan's National Award Winning flick 'Kanchivaram' will play the lead role. About 14 new actors play Supporting Roles in the movie.

The entire film will be shot in 20 days within a budget of nearly Rs 2.5 crore. Entire team will be paid only salaries instead of their market rate as its meant for Charity. Art Director Sabu Cyril will create a pathology lab set for the movie. Cinematography is by Santhosh Sivan. Amala Paul's husband and director Vijay produces this movie. The film which makes the audience smile throughout and touches their heart in the end will make it to Toronto Film Festival

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