You are at Mahesh babu on Murari 2 movie

Mahesh babu on Murari 2 movie

'Murari 2' kick cheers in Mahesh fans

Mahesh Babu's fans are always interested to watch their fav hero in sequels of his super hit films. Among such movies, Murari directed by Krishna Vamsi is a total game-changer for him.All these discussions started when today's release “Superstar Kidnap" featured a scene of Mahesh Babu, where his new film shoot is going on. In that scene, they have portrayed clapboard which reads the title of the film as “Murari 2", thereby kicking loud cheers among the movie watchers. The very thought of “Murari" has excited many. Definitely if Mahesh picks the sequel, it will be a delight to watch.Will Mahesh oblige to do a sequel to Murari, in case if Krishna Vamsi or any other director comes up with a fantastic story?

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