You are at Revealed: SRK's 'AbRam's First Look

Revealed: SRK's 'AbRam's First Look

Revealed:  SRK`s Eidi for fans, posts `AbRam`s first pic`

Probably Eid could not have been grander than this for all those die hard SRK fans who after a long wait finally got a glimpse of SRK 's youngest child AbRam. Yes you heard it! After keeping everything thing pertaining to his son under wraps, SRK finally revealed the pic of his darling child through twitter, where while wishing fans on the pious occasion of Eid Al Adha SRK wrote, "Eid Al Adha Mubarak to everyone. May all have the happiness that life has to offer.The littlest one wishes you too."

AbRam who was born through surrogacy procedure was one of the major subject of of speculations last year and that's because of the surfacing of the reports pertaining to the conduction of a prenatal sex determination test. This hullabaloo created by media and arrival of investigating agencies at his door-steps didn't go down well with SRK who up-till great extent kept everything pertaining to his lil charmer under wraps.

But in a recently held interview he exhibited his discontent about the entire hubbub too and while addressing media stated that,"He (AbRam) is not meant for flashbulbs. I don't want him to be a participant in this circus of public life that I am a part of. That is what I do... Public life... The good, bad, ugly, goodness of media, the strangeness... I am part of it, not my children".

Well we can certainly understand the annoyance of SRK, but on the other hand there is another undeniable fact that, besides their fascination for the onscreen life of their much beloved superstar fans can go up till any extent to have a glimpse of their sought after actor's personal world too.

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