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Kamal Responds Over Uttam villain Poster Copy!

Kamal Says He Is Not Copy cat

Kamal Haasan has to deal with allegations of plagiarism even before the release of his upcoming movie 'Uttam Villain'.

Responding on the controversy surrounding the face-painting poster of the movie, Kamal shotback: "I don't need to copy Indian art form Theyyam, which has got a 1000 years history, from a French Photographer. If a French Photographer takes pictures of a temple built by Sri Krishna Devaraya, Will it become his?".

In Uttam Villain, Two ancient art forms 'Onvillu' and 'Theyyam' were combined into one. Kamal described the controversy as a contrived imagination of an uniformed mind.

Uttam Villain is the story of a South Indian Superstar Manoranjan and the role has some grey shades as well. Its a family drama and also have magical folklore element which were used to in Vittalacharya's films.

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