You are at Shruti Haasan's song costs Rs 15 rupees

Shruti Haasan's song costs Rs 15 rupees

As expected, seductress Shruti Haasan has come up with the special song "My Day In The Sun" which she wrote and sang. Along with popular Ehsaan and Loy, she has also composed the song. And this song is composed for the eve of Women's Day and released today. Biggest punch is, this song is not available for a free download anywhere. It is actually being distributed by Apple Music and the song is being charged 15 rupees for a download. The question is, how many will actually show interest to spend 15 rupees for a download of this song?

These are days where music is being freely uploaded on YouTube and everyone is listening to that jukebox. Maybe Shruti should give a thought about that.

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