You are at Tollywood Celebs Fumes at Delhi Bus Rapist!

Tollywood Celebs Fumes at Delhi Bus Rapist!


The interview given by one of the main accused in the Nirbhaya Gangrape Case for a BBC Documentary by British Filmmaker Leslee Udwin has shocked one and all. Mukesh Singh's remarks 'A Girl is responsible for a Rape, Girl shoudn't fight back but remain silent while being Raped, Death Sentence would prompt Rapists to kill the Girls after Sexual Assault' have be creating a sensation. Some of the Tollywood Celebs have expressed shock while responding on this development.

Tapsee: "I am literally speechless after reading this. God please forgive me one murder, coz I can't let this man go away easy. This makes me question does imprisonment really change these men? If it doesn't( which is clearly visible) then y are they still there???".

Sania Mirza: "Are u frickin kidding me? arrrrgghhh".

Vennela Kishore: Cant believe that a brutal rapist is being given a chair to sit and being interviewed..he looks more boastful than a freedom fighter in jail".

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