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Rana Fell down from Chariot!


Macho hero Rana Daggubati shares his experience working for an epic war drama 'Baahubali' in the past 2 to 2-and-a-half Years.

Rana: "I had to change my diet to look big and trainers were hired for it. Fighters from Vietnam flew down to Hyderabad to train Me and My co-star Prabhas in martial arts and weapon training for 6 Months. As this is a period flick, We can't use the modern equipment but to rely on swords, horses and chariots. For the first time, I shot action sequences for 12 Days. The last time, When I flew a chariot and I went crashing into the ground. I have been in the hospital for 2 Weeks. When you spend over 2 years for a film, That's the only thing you could remember and that's the pace you are used to. 'Baahubali' will release in Hindi as well".

The Tollywood Hunk is looking forward to sign more Bollywood projects this year after Akshay Kumar's 'Baby' hit the right chord with the audience.

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