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Know the Lucky Lass Arpita Khan!

1.Arpita is the adopted daughter of Salim Khan. While some reports claim that it was his first wife (Salma) who adopted her, others claim that it was Helen who had picked up crying Arpita from the street, when she was a baby and later adopted her.

Some reports also suggest that Arpita's mother had died on a footpath leaving the child alone.

2. Recently Arpita got a tattoo of a star, containing the names of all her family members — Salim Khan, mothers Salma and Helen, brothers Salman, Arbaaz. Sohail, sister Arpita and friend Deeksha. The other two words visible on the star are Love and Luck.

3. Arpita studied at London College of Fashion and holds a degree in fashion marketing and management. Currently she is working at an architectural and interior design firm in Mumbai. The bride-to-be never really had any interest in being in front of the camera, quite unlike her fiance, Ayush Sharma who is willing to give up his business for the sake of acting.

However, Arpita wants to launch a fashion brand on her own and also wants to try her hand in film production.

4. Reportedly, when Arjun Kapoor was 18-years-old and weighed 140 kgs, Arpita dated him for two years. While the reason behind the break-up is not yet known, Kapoor is still very close to the Khan family and it was Salman Khan who inspired him to shed his extra kilos and join films.

5. Arpita always wanted to get married in a palace and therefore Salman has booked the Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad for her wedding.

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