You are at I don't like such looks - Tamannah

I don't like such looks - Tamannah

Tamannah is a glamour doll and till now she got along mostly due to her looks than her acting prowess. Of course, she does put in her best for the films, but her popularity is thanks to her sensuous looks. But Tammy has a problem with people who treat her only like a glam doll, "It's not just me.

I don't like it when men ogle at women and scan their bodies. It would be appropriate if they looked at my face and spoke to me. Instead, they let their eyes wander, which is rather cheap. I do have fans who love me for who I am and my work. But there are others who only go by my looks." While we understand her angst, Tammy is one heroine who is very popular thanks to her sex appeal.

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