You are at JanaSena is Our Party : Ram Charan

JanaSena is Our Party : Ram Charan

Charan to fans - “Janasena is our party

A leading newspaper has today shocked with a special report on the equations going between Ram Charan, Pawan Kalyan and big brother Chiranjeevi. It is reported that Ram Charan has claimed that Janasena is that their own family's party.

When couple of fans shouted the slogans Jai Janasena, Ram Charan too joined the chorus by crying out loud Jai Jai Janasena. As fans looked shocked, Charan has given clarity that if it is his Baabai's party then definitely it is their family's party too.

It is a shock to hear these statements from Charan who has earlier claimed that he support his dad in politics, no matter what. But none knows the authenticity of Charan's comments anyway.

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