You are at Lavish Costumes are Show Stealer of 'Rey'!

Lavish Costumes are Show Stealer of 'Rey'!


YVS Chowdary spent a bomb for the costumes in his upcoming flick 'Rey'. The Costumes Team went to places like Las Vegas, New York, Los Angels, San Francisco, West Indies and Tamil Nadu to hand pick the costumes necessary for this dance-based film.

Unit Members believe Costumes of 'Rey' which helped the attain desired look will be the talking point after the release. If the version of YVS is to be believed, People who have already seen the movie were of the opinion that it matched the Hollywood standards.

To get the Pop Star look for role played by Sharaddha Das, Makers have hired experts from Hyderabad, Chennai and Sholapur.

'Rey' is releasing Worldwide on March 27th. Let's see how far the costumes worked in favour of the film!

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