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Balayya: I don't believe in NUMBERS

Nandamuri Balakrishna entered into his 40th Year as an actor on August 30th after beginning his journey with 'Thathamma Kala' on the same day in 1974. He played the role of grandson to NTR and Bhanumathi in the movie. In fact, NTR himself directed this movie.

When asked if he had the dream of becoming a NO.1 just like his father, Balayya replied, "Never did I felt that way! I always wanted to play good role and be part of good films. NTR never believe in neither competing with others of number game. I don't believe in numbers".

Balakrishna recollected his experience on the first day of shooting for 'Thathamma Kala'. "I play a student in the movie. Scene: I have to walk towards Bhanumathi after she utters - 'Vaareri?Ayanekkada? Inka Raleda?'. NTR decided to shoot the scene without any rehearsals. I imitated NTR's walking style in 'Nindu Manasulu' in which he plays a rowdy. Soon after the shot, Dad reacted: 'Aa Nadakemitra? Gadidha, Vedava'. Only then I realized that body language and dialogue delivery should change as per the character one plays. It was my lesson as an actor," reveals Nata Simha.

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