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Producer Blasted Rahika Apte for Her Talks on Tollywood


Radhika Apte and the names rings enough uneasiness for Telugu folks now.

After acting in nearly three films in Tollywood including Rakta Charitra, Legend and Lion, she calls Tollywood as a bad industry to work. As she blasted Tollywood as male-chauvinistic industry where women command no respect and vowed to not work here again, Tollywood biggies are blasting for her reckless remarks.

"A Bollywood beauty proclaiming male-domination in Tollywood is rubbish. Much before they saw Kahaani we have Arundathi here and now Rudramadevi is coming. A big hero like Bunny says he did film just for the respect he has for women. And Telugu industry is the one that pays crores to heroines apart from Bollywood. It's not correct to call the whole industry wrong if she has any bad experience with one. Not that Radhika wants to work here anymore, who is willing to rope her in?", a big producer quipped.

There are many leading Mumbai ladies out there who have stated umpteen times on record that Telugu Industry respects women like none other. For the immense respect, discipline and hospitality this tinsel town offers, many love to work here. Check with them hottie!!!

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