You are at Vijayawada FM Radios Minting On R-Ads

Vijayawada FM Radios Minting On R-Ads

The city of Vijayawada is no longer only the political capital. It has earned the status of being the official capital of Andhra Pradesh. Whenever something like this happens, the first segment to get influenced is the real estate. But if you are wondering how the FM Radio channels are benefiting from it then here are the details.

After Vijayawada has been announced as the new capital everyone is eyeing this city and its surroundings for real estate investments. This is spreading to a radius of 50 kms from the city. Discovering this, many realtors are flooding the FM Radio channels with real estate ads and tempting them with offers.

This has resulted in a sudden spike in the revenue of the FM Radio channels. The music lovers are already complaining that more than the songs and skits, it is the real estate ads which have dominated the FM channels. Well, it is all about business and cashing when the season is hot. Let us see how long this frenzy will last.

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