You are at Photo Story : Samantha Papa Caught Sleeping

Photo Story : Samantha Papa Caught Sleeping

Tollywood Queen Samantha Ruth Prabhu seems very rest less from past few months. This Ye Maaya Chesave beauty now enjoys the results of her hard work, that was put in all these days. Starting with Theri, her success streak is being continued with the super hit 24 Movie. She is waiting eagerly for her straight Telugu movies Brahmotsavam and A..Aa.

So, she takes a small break from films and tells that she won't be accepting any movies for few days. Mean while, as most of you know, stylist Neeraja Kona is a good friend of Samantha. Whenever heroine gets free time, she spends it with stylist and her kid. Today, it seems Sam has a great time with Neeraja's baby and both must have tired after some time so that they are taking rest.

The above photo has been taken by Neeraja Kona and shared via twitter in the afternoon. She also posts, " One papa making another papa sleep! Question is who slept off first!! “. It looks like Samantha takes a deep snap on the bed with the baby. By the way, who went to sleep first, any guesses?

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