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Sitara wants to play with Samantha's baby

Superstar Mahesh Babu's daughter Sitara has put Samantha in a tight spot. After having great fun while playing with each other on Brahmotsavam sets, both decided to have a play date this weekend. But smart Sitara has a condition for Samantha! She told Samantha to bring a baby with her so that Sitara could play with the baby. With this unexpected condition, Sam left with no choice and now breaking her head on how to pull this off.

Taking to her micro-blogging page, Sam tweeted, "Sitara we have a play date but she wants me to bring my baby along .Now how to arrange for that by Saturday."

Samantha and Mahesh recently shot the film in the picturesque locales of Haridwar, Udaipur. Director Srikanth wanted to capture the festive fervour as a backdrop for a crucial episode in the film. Hence, the film was shot at The Vishnu Ghat. On Shivratri, Mahesh and Samantha shot the whole day on the holy ghats. After this, the unit returned to Hyderabad and the film's shoot is going on at brisk pace.

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