You are at Senior Actress Busted in Brothel Case?

Senior Actress Busted in Brothel Case?

Senior Actress Busted in Brothel Case?
Sukanya is well known actress and she has acted in many languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada etc. We can say that this veteran actress Sukanya is multi-talented woman because she not only an actress but also singer, Music director, voice actor and also professional dancer in Bharatanatyam.

Actress Sukanya started her acting career in the year 1991 and later she made her film debut in Tollywood I the year 1992 with the movie 'Peddarikam'. She has received many hits for the movies such as 'Amma Koduku', 'Captain' etc.

First half of her life was acted as heroine and in her second innings she changed from actress to character artist. Recently we also seen actress Sukanya in mother characters in Young Rebel Star movie 'Munna' and Mahesh Babu Movie 'Srimanthudu'.

One of the shocking news was heard on this veteran actress Sukanya that she arrested by police in prostitution case and as per information she caught in a hotel at Chennai.

Yes what you heard is exactly true and according to revealed information by cops actress Sukanya has done this prostitution due to lack of money.

It means actress Sukanya addicted to lead luxurious life but know she played very small characters in movies hence she getting less amount of income. So, she selected prostitution profession is easy way to get more money but unluckily actress Sukanya caught in a five star hotel red handedly.

Actress Sukanya is not first artist done this kind of thing in past also we has heard about many senior artists such as 'Yamuna', 'Kinara' and 'Bhuvaneswari' etc.

Recently we also heard about young actresses 'Swetha Basu Prasad' and 'Jyothi' etc. These are the people who decreasing respect on film industry by doing all these bad things.

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