You are at RGV Shocking Tweets on Brahmotsavam!!

RGV Shocking Tweets on Brahmotsavam!!

Mahesh Babu's Brahmotsavam

Mahesh Babu's Brahmotsavam is opened to mixed talk from critics to audience. While many in the industry are maintaining a stoic silence on the film, maverick director Ram Gopal Varma, who never minces his words, came out in open and said family movies could only create Shobhan Babus but not Krishnas, NTRs.

Asking Mahesh Babu to understand his own super stardom, Varma advised Mahesh to do hero-elevating films like his previous blockbusters Pokiri, Okkadu, Businessman. Although Varma hasn't directly named Mahesh and instead addressed him as "Mr M", it's evident that RGV is addressing none other than Mahesh. Poking fun at Mahesh's 'shaking' dance, RGV comments World famous choreographers should learn from it. He asks Mahesh Babu to realize.

Click Here For Video :- Mahesh Babu Shaking Dance

RGV Tweets..

In family film father watches heroines assets,mother watches clothes,daughter texts boy friend and bored son sleeps.. M shud understand this

Mr M should understand family films are just entry exit visuals at theatres but once in seats they all want to see Pokiri,okkadu,Businessman

Mr.M should understand so called super hit family films at best will create Shoban Babus and not Krishna's and NTR's

Devata super story I remember but don't remember Sobhan babu..I remember Krishna Ntr in agent gopi Adavi Ramudu..but I don't remember story

Mr.M You need to understand that ur super stardom should be extraordinarily very many times much above very very much ordinary families

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