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Shankar To Follow One Song Formula

Films of South India's ace director Shankar are known for songs with breath-taking visuals and unbelievable sets. Unfortunately, 'Robot 2.0' isn't going to have many of them for a reason.

As per sources close to the Unit, Shankar made up his mind to make 'Robot 2.0' with only one song. He took this measure to avoid delay in the making of talkie portions & action blocks. As Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson are some of the busiest stars in the country, Shankar wishes to complete the combination scenes and stunts involving them as early as possible. If required, Makers will be altering the 'One-Song' Formula after the completion of talkie portions and shoot a couple of duets.

Quite surprising to know that a Rs 250 crore Southern flick features just one song. After all, Indian Films are popular for the song-n-dance routine.

Currently, Filming of some sci-fi action sequences is going on at a Rs 20 crore worth set erected in EVP Theme Park, Chennai. Both Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar have been taking part in the shoot.

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