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I Asked Krish To Make A Movie :Ram Charan!!

Ram Charan was the chief guest for the audio launch of 'Kanche' which took place on September 17th.Speaking at the event, Charan revealed: "Both Me and Krish are good friends, even before we entered Film Industry. Me, K Prakash (Raghavendra Rao's Son), Rana and Krish belong to the same batch. I have never asked Top Directors of TFI, including Rajamouli & Vinayak, to make a film with Me. The only Director I asked to make a film with me is Krish. This is happening since the past Years. One fine day, Krish narrated a point to me and I liked it immensely. He told me he will come back to me after completing the script work of Second Half but that never happened. I don't know why he didn't come back".

Ram Charan felt Kanche have beautiful visuals and achieving such quality in a limited budget is amazing. "My elder-brother Varun has done a terrific job. It's because of height, I look much younger than him and it's a nice feeling. Varun Tej, who is most good-looking hero in our family, will attain gutsy-hero tag for attempting a film like 'Kanche' so early in his career," he told.

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