You are at Jaguar First Ticket Goes Expensive

Jaguar First Ticket Goes Expensive

'Jaguar', the high-budget venture launching Former Karnataka CM Nikhil Kumar as hero, is garnering people's attention. The buzz around this launch pad kept growing day-by-day.

Team Jaguar conducted a Phone-In programme to auction the first ticket of the biggie. Lokesh, a native of Mysuru, bought the first ticket of 'Jaguar' for Rs 10 lakhs. However, The Makers wishes to wait till the release date to announce the winner's name officially. Its really surprising to see the huge rush from fans and record price offered for the first ticket of 'Jaguar'. Political Background of Kumaraswamy is the sole reason behind all the good stuff.

'Jaguar' will be released simultaneously in 1000-plus screens across 16 countries. Vijayendra Prasad's Story, High-Technical Standards and Tamanna's item number were the positives of the Rs 75 crore flick.

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