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Sarathkumar Files Case Against Vishal!!

It's known that Sarathkumar and Vishal are rivals in the upcoming Nadigar Sangam election, and the propaganda for the election from both the sides, are going on in full swing. Now, in an unexpected twist, we hear that Sarathkumar has sent a legal notice to Vishal (the leader of the opposition), on the charges of defamation, demanding `10 crore from him.

Talking in detail about the lawsuit, Sarathkumar's lawyer V Elango says, "We have sent a defamation notice to both Vishal and S Ve Sekar for damaging the reputation of actor/politician Sarathkumar during the campaign of Nadigar Sangam elections. We have demanded an unconditional apology from both Vishal and S Ve Sekar, within ten days of the date mentioned in the notice. The notice was sent on September 23. If they fail to do so, we will file a criminal and civil case against them at the Chennai court, demanding `10 crore from each."

Elango also adds that Vishal has also tarnished Sarathkumar's name during a speech that he made in Trichy. "Citing the campaign as a reason, Vishal has made some baseless allegations against Sarathkumar during his speech in Trichy. Vishal said that J K Ritheesh had given `10 lakhs for the welfare of the Nadigar Sangam, and that amount is still not accounted for. He has also claimed in his speech that, even though he was the president of the Nadigar Sangam, Sarathkumar was involved in scams. Sarathkumar has never been involved in such things, and we have proof for all financial dealings. These false allegations have damaged the image of Sarathkumar, and so we have sent a defamation notice to both Vishal and S Ve Sekar," says Elango.


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