You are at Kannada Star Upendra with Allu Arjun

Kannada Star Upendra with Allu Arjun

The suspense over the actor who is gonna play a crucial role in Allu Arjun's upcoming flick under Trivikram's direction has come to an end. It's now official that a Superstar will be sharing screen space with Stylish Star.

Reportedly, Action King Arjun was the first choice to play the character which has got goos screen time and also gives ample scope for performance. He, however, missed the opportunity due to prior commitments. Finally, Allu Arjun & Trivikram opted for Kannada hero Upendra who is quite popular in the Telugu states.

Some say, Upendra's inclusion in the project is a well calculated decision by Allu Arjun. Bunny is already one of most popular Telugu heroes in Karnataka and doing a film with Upendra who is a big name in Kannada Industry will take him to the next level in terms of Fan Base & Box Office reach. Let's see how well this strategic move works.

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