You are at Tamannah Angry on Pubic Romance!

Tamannah Angry on Pubic Romance!


Kissing is a very private thing but some people think it as fashion and used to show their affection by kissing their dears in front of all. This did not go well with our milky babe Tamanna and she literally shouted against the models who kissed their boyfriends publicly.

Accorrding to reports milky beauty Tammanah exploded with anger on some of the models who attended the shoot along with her. In the recent times few models got their boyfriends to shooting sets and started behaving weird with them.

Some of the models who participated along with Tamanna in a shoot crossed their limits with their boyfriends without bothering the surrounds. This happened right in front of the unit boys and on the sets. Tammanah irritated with the acts of models and finally she exploded. Tamanna, who was at the spot lost her temper and blasted them. Tamanna asked them not to behave cheaply in public by behaving as if it was their private bedrooms.

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