You are at "You Are My MLA" Song Becomes A Chartbuster

"You Are My MLA" Song Becomes A Chartbuster

There are many instances wherein discussions happen about heroes, heroines, music directors or at the most the songs but there are always those unsung heroes who actually put their brains to build that aura and charisma to the stars. One category of them is the lyricists.

After the era of legends like Atreya, C Na Re, Veturi, Sirivennela, in today's time a large number of lyricists have come. Despite that crowd, there are those rare talents who stand out. One among them is Chegondi Anantha Sriram. He made his debut in the year 2005 with the movie Kaadante Aunanile.

Currently, Ananta Sriram has become the topic of discussion because one of his latest songs has become a chartbuster. The line goes 'You are my MLA' and this is for the movie Sarrainodu. Recently, the number was unveiled and it is getting a massive response for its native lyrics and wit. Way to go Ananta Sriram!

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