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Once Srikanth tried to commit suicide?

There was a time when hero Srikanth was considered the most happening family films hero and he was the favorite for family ladies. Some of them also named him as the new age Sobhan Babu. But in the recent few years, the career of Srikanth has come down in terms of success and  offers.

As an actor he is fine but as a person, he too has his share of fears and failures in real life. On the occasion of Rakhi, his elder sister Nirmala reminisced how she is more a mother to him than his sister.

Nirmala disclosed that she is more like a mother to him and said "Srikanth is like my elder son," .Nirmala shared so many things about Srikanth to the media and there was an interesting thing that comes out from her words.

During his teenage, once Srikanth's father scolded him for neglecting the studies. Feeling sad for the same and angered over his father, Srikanth wanted to commit suicide and he went to a nearby canal immediately. After sensing this  his sister ran behind him and persuaded him to come back home and pacified his anger and dejection

 When his sister got married and went to her in-laws home, Srikanth too went along with his sister. Srikanth has such a great bond with his sister.Srikanth is currently acting in Cherry starrer GAV movie where he playes role of Charan Babai in the movie

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