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Actress Charmi injured on the Sets


Actress Charmi who is seriously shooting for his next, Jyothi Lakshmi, is now injured. The shooting is currently going on in Goa and in one of the fight sequences, one of the stuntmen mistimed his blow and struck Charmi's face with a hockey stick.Charmee was in tears soon after receiving the hard blow and bruises on her only made the unit worry. She was soon rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Unit Members felt that the injury would bring the Goa schedule to an abrupt ending. However, Charmee took part in the shoot just 6 hours after the freak accident by taking pain killers and wrapped up the day's work on time. Professionalism at peaks!!!'..Jyothi Lakshmi' is a very crucial film for the career of Charmee. Hence, This Punjabi Beauty is determined to give her best inspite of the all the hardships.

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