You are at Now whatcha gonna do 007?! - Manchu Vishnu

Now whatcha gonna do 007?! - Manchu Vishnu

Manchu Vishnu

The whole world is shocked to see that Britain has taken a decision based on referendum to quit from the European Union. While the positives and adversaries are yet to be known about this decision, hero Manchu Vishnu says, it's him who has done that."Came to London on 22nd. Leaving now, after bringing Britain out of EU & crashing the Pound. Mission accomplished. Now whatcha gonna do 007? (sic)", said Vishnu, through his micro-blogging website. That's a joke intended to invoke few laughs and Vishnu has mastered the art of saying such jokes these days. Meanwhile, it looks like whole Manchu family went to a London vacation with Lakshmi Manchu also going there other day.

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