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Why Nayanthara Got A Call From Nityananda?

Despite being controversial, the babas are hardly losing their following. In fact, they have many devotees who will do anything for them.

The ashrams which are run with crores of rupees also crave for a bit of glamour from time to time. They have their own ways of attracting beautiful heroines and making them their unofficial brand ambassadors.

We are told that Nayantara too got a call from the ashram of Swamy Nityananda.

The Bangalore based Swamy is said to have sent a word for Nayantara through his close aide Ranjitha.

Apparently, he wanted Nayantara to spend some time in his ashram as she was heart-broken following a string of bad relationships. But Nayantara is said to have turned down the offer curtly.

It is a known fact that Nityananda also underwent impotency test and he is mired in controversies. Still, his ashram is said to be full of his female devotees who go mad at the very mention of his name.

Not one to give up, Nityananda has also decided to take some social work and build on his public image.

Wonder why he is so concerned about Nayantara’s state, he is said to have made a similar offer to Hindi actress Sweta Tiwari too.

Wonder what Sweta will do? At least Nayantara was smart enough to realize that getting into his ashram will mean another controversy and she is smart enough to make a firm decision.

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