You are at Telugu Girl's Wild Partying With Directors

Telugu Girl's Wild Partying With Directors

For outside world, they feel sympathy for her as Court cases and Producer's Guilds are troubling her these days. But for the actress, she is not bothered about any of them as nothing can go like a wild late-night party. Check this hot-story folks.

Telugu girl Anjali once again stormed the headlines as some private pictures of her partying with Tollywood's popular directors started doing rounds on websites. A couple of days back Anjali celebrated her birthday at a happening place in Jubilee Hills and most of celeb-attendance are directors. Writer Kona Venkat claimed credit for the celebration and uploaded few pictures of cake cutting.

But someone else has put up pictures of Anjali dressed in a revealing western outfit and dancing on the floor with directors like Harish Shankar. One wonders why is this special dancing particular with directors at a time many issues are troubling her. What say Anjali? 

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