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Nani to Work With Maruthi!

Director Maruthi tried his best to impress the in-form heroes, but they all are too busy for him now. Maruthi is not used to taking big break between his films. But the young director was forced to take a break after Kotha Janta as his attempts to get the dates of heroes like Nitin, Sunil etc. failed.

So Maruthi decided not to run after successful heroes and settled with Nani, who is running through rough patch. Nani's last two films Paisa and Aha Kalyanam were big duds that his Jenda Pai Kapiraju is finding no takers. He is currently doing a film called Evade Subramanyam.

It is not going to be easy for Maruthi to pull off a hit with Nani at this point. The promising young hero has lost his market and is repeatedly failing to get decent openings for his films. Maruthi says he is attempting an entirely different film this time. Maruthi doesn't want to  stick with time tested formulas. He is on a mission to explore new genres.

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