You are at Anushka Sharma to take strict measures online!!

Anushka Sharma to take strict measures online!!

Celebrities are having a tough time dealing with Twitter Trolls. The only solution Anushka Sharma found to keep negativity at bay is by blocking them once and for all.In a fit of anger upon noticing many abusive and senseless tweets on her timeline, Anushka wrote: "Trying to keep my Twitter positive ( well as positive as possible ) so will BLOCK people who rant nonsense with no sense of responsibility".

Soon, Amitabh Bachchan tweet meant to be in a lighter vein surfaced: "@AnushkaSharma +++++++++++++++++++++++.... don't you dare BLOCK me after all these 'positives' .. haha .. love".This isn't the first time a top celebrity has warned the Twitterite upon facing cyber bullying. Rishi Kapoor, Karan Johar and Anchor Anasuya were some of them.

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