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The best way to kill piracy


What's the best way to kill piracy? Making people watch the films only in theatres rather running after pirated DVDs and online torrents. Already complaints are being made to cyber cell to make pirated films unavailable but there should be a way to tackle cine lovers who download it too.

To control people, "Size Zero" makers have now launched a gold scheme. Yes, they are asking people to watch the film only in theatres and SMS the Coupon code on the film to a particular mobile number to win prizes. And the top prize happens to be 1 kilogram gold. The scheme sounds rather odd and deciding that people will come to theatres at least to win this god. But some film lovers feel that luring audiences with money to make them watch film is unjustified.

Featuring Anushka, and Sonal Chauhan in the leads, and eight big stars doing cameos, Size Zero is hitting cinemas next Friday on 27th.

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