You are at Atharillu Movie First Look Poster

Atharillu Movie First Look Poster

Of course, we have the likes of Chandramukhi and Muni earlier, but the range of these horror films has gone a bar higher with the success of anchor Omkar's "Raju Gari Gadhi". Many films are following the suit now. A newcomer director Anjan K Kalyan is now coming up with the movie "Attarillu".

First look poster of the film looks interesting with a girl waiting there beneath a banyan tree. And the caption reads, "Muhurtam Minchi Potondi Evado Okadu Randira", of course indicates that a ghost possessed girl is inviting them.

Definitely this is going to be stunner if succeeds and may end up like another hit horror movie. Are audiences however ready to watch similar horrors again and again?

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