You are at High Voltage Highlights of Balayya 'Lion'

High Voltage Highlights of Balayya 'Lion'

Highlights of Balakrishna's Lion

Producer Rudrapati Ramana Rao who is die-hard fan of Nandamuri Balakrishna is hopeful that 'Lion' will be a successful full in this Summer. Here are the interesting Q & As in a recent interview.Role played by Balakrishna: He will be seen in a role with two shades. One of them is a honest CBI Officer. You have to watch the other role on screen to experience the thrill. You will see a different angle in Nata Simha.Reason behind delay in release: CG work and the sudden demise of DTS Engineer Madhusudan. Highlights of Lion: Interval Bang, Tribal Fight in Second Half and Climax. While the First Half is a family entertainer, Second Half is full of action to connect with the masses.Future Projects: As Balakrishna is gearing for his 99th and 100th projects, I am keen on producing his 101th movie if given an opportunity.

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