You are at Ram Charan next Film Budget only 25 Cr

Ram Charan next Film Budget only 25 Cr


If a film scores blockbusters then the maximum range of heroes like Mahesh Babu and Ram Charan can't be predicted. But it they score a flop, the maximum they could secure for distributors from theatrical collection is 40 crores. Reviewing about these numbers, we hear that Charan's next would have major impact in terms of budgets.

As 'Bruce Lee' producer DVV Danayya kept himself out of 'Thani Oruvan' remake, senior producer and uncle, Allu Arvind has jumped into scene now. Major change he will be bringing to the project is the variation in budget. Excluding Ram Charan's remuneration, they want to wrap the whole film in 25 crores and our hero will be sharing business of the film. As Bruce Lee production costs shot up huge and the film got sold for 56 crores, buyers witnessed losses. Else if it was made below 35 crores, then everyone would have seen no losses first, because producer would have sold it at lower costs.

Taking all the equations, Arvind has considerably shrunk the budget, say Geetha Arts insiders. Anyway, that's good for Ram Charan, because buyers will not be revolting if he sells his next flick at low costs unlike Bruce Lee.

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