You are at Sumalatha Got Wedding Proposal from Nagarjuna!!

Sumalatha Got Wedding Proposal from Nagarjuna!!


In a fun chat with a news channel, the yesteryear actress Sumalatha, who is married to Kannada land's Rebel star Amabareesh, has let out an all time secret. "Since I am tall, Nageshwara Raro Gaaru always use to tease me how am I going to find a groom. He once joked around that there is only one man who can match up to my height and asked if I am willing to marry to him. When I asked him who it was, ANR revealed that the man is none other than Nagarjuna.", said Sumalatha explaining a lighter conversation she had with the legend.

Sumalatha further added that she had never met Nagarjuna then, since he was still studying in America. It is known that ANR always adds a tinge of wit in his conversations and hence we were not really surprised by the funny offer he had given to Sumalatha. Incidentally, the actress has acted as an aunt to Nag, in the film Boss. Now, this easily nominates to be the craziest part of the whole story.

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