You are at Varun Tej dont know about Mukunda

Varun Tej dont know about Mukunda

It is an irony that  a hero debuting with the movie "Mukunda" doesn't know about the title itself. well, this happened on a lighter vein, but people who are watching the most popular TV show Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu had their jaw dropping moments last night watching Mega brother Nagababu and his son Varun Tej answering the questions posed by King Nagarjuna.

The question happens to be like this. Who is Mukunda according to Indian mythology? Even before options appear, we could easily say that the answer is Lord Krishna. Surprisingly, this name hasn't appeared on the board. Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma are the options appeared. Anyone else would have immediately said 'Vishnu' immediately, but Varun Tej stated that he doesn't know who else is Mukunda if not Krishna. Any way he answered the question with the help of Mukunda director Srikanth Addala. Probably this is the advent of English medium education at ultra-posh schools that focus nothing on indian culture and civilization. That's the story folks!!!

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