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Temper To be Released Early!


NTR's Temper release date has been postponed for several times .The movie was supposed to be released in the January 2015 during the Sankranti time but the planned got postponed due to some vital reasons.

Its known that the movie got a halt in its shooting due to the death of Nandamuri Janakiram.All these reasons took aback the delay for the release date of the movie. Now makers announced that they are releasing the movie on 13th of February.

But as per sources there might be a change in the film's release date.Dont worry..its not going to postpone but makers contemplating to advance the film's release by a day.

Several leading newspapers today has mentioned that 'Temper is releasing this week' and that led to discussions among fans.As we said earlier, Temper is getting ready for censor screening on tomorrow and if all goes as planned makers get the certificate by end of Wednesday. Reports have that producer Ganesh is said to be thinking about advancing the movie by a day and that's why he hasn't given anything about the date of the film.Lets wait until tomorrow to know the exact release date.

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