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Why Anushka is Desperately Waiting ?

Anushka Shetty

Eagerly waiting for the release of her latest flicks in the lead, Bahubali and Rudramadevi, heroine Anushka shared that her star-heroine position wasn't achieved in a day or with a single movie. She went on sharing how small films have helped her achieve big things in career.

“During start of my career, I have only small films in my kitty. They helped me grow as an actress. After acting in such films, eventually I bagged plum projects. Without those small roles, I will not be where I'm now", said Anushka, with a newspaper. She shared that every heroine must first learn the tricks of the trade and then try their hand at big characters. At the moment she is eagerly waiting for the release of Rudramadevi and Bahubali.

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