You are at Asin's health issues halts 'All is Well' Shooting!

Asin's health issues halts 'All is Well' Shooting!


Shooting of Bollywood flick 'All Is Well' yet again came to a halt and this time its because of the health issues of the female lead. First Day shoot of the movie began on Wednesday only to be called off very soon as Asin fell sick.

Actually, 'All Is Well' began last year. Smriti Irani who is playing Rishi Kapoor's Wife in the movie couldn't allot call sheets to the movie because of her political commitments. Hence, She was replaced by Supriya Pathak but didn't help much because of Asin's health issues.

Speaking about the issue, Rishi Kapoor claims he have only one release in 2014 and mayn't even have a single release in 2015 just because of 'All Is Well'. "At first, Smriti Irani ji. Later, Abhishek's football interests. Now, Asin's health. Delays do happen and I should be used to it after being in the Industry for so long," he says.

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