You are at Time For Super Women!

Time For Super Women!

Its time for welcoming Super-Woman!

Spiderman, Superman, He-Man, Shaktimaan and etc., Why just man can have all these Super Natural Power? Is the Comic World too is Male-Dominated?

Producer Ram Devineni has created a comic character 'Priya' which is intended to inspire the women and gives them the strength to fight against the social evils. The illustration given by Don Goldmaan is said to have come out pretty well.

Story: Priya is a devotee of Goddess Parvathi and her goal is to become a Teacher. She, however, couldn't continue her studies because of financial issue. Unfortunately, She gets raped by a gang and this development makes her leave the house.

On fine day, Priya returns to her native place by sitting atop a Tiger and punishes the gang who committed henius crime against her. Ever since then she pledges to fight against the atrocities against women in the society. 

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