You are at Pic Talk: Vennela Kishore Body Pack

Pic Talk: Vennela Kishore Body Pack

Caught on cam: Star Comedian's Body-Pack!

In the movie 'Shivaji', Rajinikanth features in a funny sequence where he applies all kinds of beauty materials to alter the skin tone of his body after his lady love turns down his marriage proposal. Now, A Tollywood Comedian has done the same feat for reasons unknown.A while ago, Vennela Kishore shared the above picture on his Twitter page and wrote - "Oka bandi sunlight Oka bandi Moonlight kalipithe vacche colorey ga na white..Ollantha picccha thelupey #shivajistyle".Is this new avatar for a comedy sequence in any of his upcoming films? or Was he making attempts to know if Rajini's mantra works for him? Let's be patient to know the actual reason behind the Body-Pack!

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