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Renu Desai Gives Hint To Mega Fans

'Kushi 2,' coming as a sequel to super duper hit 'Kushi' in combination of Pawan Kalyan and director SJ Surya ushered in new joy for Fans. At the same time, there was an extended news on Renu Desai is all set to manage the production works of this project and will move closely in association with Pawan Kalyan. Apparently, lyricist Rama Jogayya Shastri posted a picture on social networking with music director Anup Rubens and director SJ Surya enumerating 'Kushi 2' progress.

However, an official confirmation on the same is yet to come from either Pawan or Surya. At this juncture, Renu has put a full stop to all the gossips circulated on her role as Executive or Associate producer for 'Kushi 2.' 'Hello all. Only if I tweet it here it's true, rest all is the crazy imagination of crazier beings,' Renu gave enough clarity for Pawan Kalyan Fans not to speculate anything in random.

This clearly means, Renu is unconnected with 'Kushi 2.' All those meetings she had with SJ Surya in the recent past are just friendly and casual meetings with no professional tie-ins. Let's wait for few more days to get more updates.

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