You are at B-Town: Arjun Kapoor Shocking look!

B-Town: Arjun Kapoor Shocking look!

Photo Story: Shocking Avatar of Sridevi's Step-Son!

We are already aware of Vikram going the extra mile for his magnum opus 'I'. He has lost weight, gained muscle and done multiple avatars for the romantic thriller. Now, One more actor has tried something similar to it!

Arjun Kapoor, Sridevi's Step-Son, has put on pounds and also grown old for an new commercial. In fact, The actor will be seen in 20 different looks in this ad for a liquor band. Two of them are - An Obese Guy and An Old Man! Arjun is unrecognizable in these two new avatars.

People will appreciate every time when someone does something different and interesting. Arjun Kapoor truly deserves a pat on his back for doing things out of the box. His next Bollywood release is 'Tevar' which is a remake of Mahesh Babu's 'Okkadu'.

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