You are at Theater Owner Was Shocked By Director!!

Theater Owner Was Shocked By Director!!


Film Industry makes Individuals overnight stars and earns them the fame they could always be proud of! People keep saying they learnt a lot from their failures. But, One shouldn't forget even success teaches us something.15 Years Ago, A Boy used to run a small stickering shop beside Siri Venkat-Krishna Kishore Theatre in Bandar. Whenever there is some work to do, The Theatre Owner used to call this boy for boards and stickering.

The youth used to wait eagerly for the call from the Owner as its his livelihood.Recently, Allu Aravind, Dil Raju and UV Creations has formed a group and acquired theatre on rental basis. The trio have remodeled it and reopened it in a grand manner. Theatre Owner was shocked to see the boy who worked for him 15 years ago among the Chief Guests. The wonder kid is none other than Maruthi who is one of the very few directors to score a double hat trick in TFI.

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