You are at Viral Photo: Namitha Selfie With Woman Auto Driver

Viral Photo: Namitha Selfie With Woman Auto Driver

The craze for Namitha hasn't come down in Tamil Nadu even though she hardly appeared on the screen in the past couple of years. Stampedes keep happening every time she steps out for the launch of showroom opening. Now, She hogged the limelight for a selfie with woman Auto Driver.

Recently, Namitha spotted an auto rickshaw while she was driving her car on the Nelson Manikyam Road. She felt so happy watching the person in the Driver's seat. Why because, The four wheeler was run by a woman. Soon, Namitha got down from her vehicle, congratulated the driver for being an inspiration to many people and clicked selfie with her. She even saluted upon known Danalakshmi turned into a driver to support her family.

Shocked with the unexpected turn of events, The Auto Driver wondered if its happening for real or its just a dream. To which, Namitha replied, 'Life is all about the trust and belief'.

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