You are at Nandamuri Fans itself Deciding their Hero's films?

Nandamuri Fans itself Deciding their Hero's films?

Nandamuri fans itself putting lines and barriers for their star's talents? Their Mad 'worship' towards hero's putting them in wrong dreams?Why cannot these fans digest other star hero presence even?Caste equations and fan rules went  above their intellectual levels?

Generally tollywood or any wood infact known for their " Acting-Heir's ". Nothing wrong in that., their kids grown up by seeing popularity and by feeling that 'special' image.So, its obvious that they too wanted to be in lime light throught out life at any cost. They work hard, proves themselves, creates their own identity. In This Process fans see them as 'Demi-gods'. Everything is fine.

But that doesn't mean they are some super human beings or they have ultra natural powers than any. Atleast being in 2015, one shouldn't live in those false dreams.

Looking at Nandamuri fans, these doubts arising again where we are right now? Guys., Its high time to realize. Its true that NTR did a fabulous job in movies and as well in politics.Hailing good standards what our ancestors said is always good. That doesn't mean you stop at hailing only. Its better you can follow those and apply at least few. 

Definitely, Heir's of NTR i.e  Bala krishna, jr NTR do have good talent in their field. But putting them in certain barriers certainly restricting their skills.Off late they avoided exploring their talent just because of fan's expectations.

Why Fans can see a 'simha' or 'Legend' from Bala krishna. A 'Simhadri' or 'Aadi' only do from Jr NTR? Common guys! Jr NTR has such a tremendous talent, at 13 years of age he played 'Lord Rama' and excelled in 'Bala Ramayanam' like any legendary actor.Check your 'Youtube' searching skills. Krishnadeva raya in 'Aditya 369', 'Abhimanyu' in DVS Karna, dharma Kshetram,Bhairava Deepam...and so on., what else needed to describe Balayya as actor?

Once you see your hero's in some powerful scripts means that shouldn't stop them to grow as 'Actors'. Let them explore in their space.Accept them without 'NTR' poster too. Because they deserve that much fan following as actors. 

See some of these examples about fans 'FALSE' remarks on Heros.

Puri Jagan's Av in 'Temper' Audio doents show his all time hit 'Pokiri'. Why, JR NTR is against Mahesh? Definitely 'NO'! It is fans who cannot digest mahesh presence in 'Temper' audio function. 

When a friend of Bandla Ganesh told 'Like Ganesh given life to Pawan through Gabbar singh, Temper will be come back film  to Tarak' , crowds went in negative roar.

When Tarak Told 'some how i disappointed you through my last two films. ', crowds again went shouting 'NO'.

Why these false indications to actors? Hailing and appreciating some actor's work is always good.That shouldn't be in a level to forget some values.

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