You are at Taskara Movie is Cyber Heist Thriller

Taskara Movie is Cyber Heist Thriller

Neo-Noir Geopolitical Cyber Heist Thriller

Till now we have witnessed and heard about different genre films like action;comedy;sentiment and socio fantasy.Now we came to know about a film which belongs to complete different genre.The film is Taskara and  it was first India's ‘’Neo-Noir Geopolitical Cyber Heist Thriller’’.The phrase itself is confusing and we got to know the complete meaning of the genre.

"Neo-noir" means a contemporary film that incorporates aspects from the original film noir movies of the 1940s. Simply the films are made with a modern essence but it has a retrospective touch of cinemas that belonged to the old era.

Geopolitical means it involves international politics that were  influenced by geographical reasons. And last word is Cyber heist and it deals with a a robbery that is done through the internet.

So we can say Taskara is a quite different film we came across till now and definitely a worth to watch out.

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